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Scheduled Netflix Premier: November 11th 2013 - Paradise (Cody)

Diablo Cody quickly become the hottest new thing behind her Juno script in 2007. There was a quirky lo-fi freshness to it that resonated with a lot of people. "Honest to blog" became a thing there for a while, and she was lucky enough to have the script handled by Jason Reitman. Cody was given the Academy Award for her Juno script, and the two teamed back up for Young Adult in 2011 - a very clever movie, about which it is impossible to speak without spoiling (thank me later). She has proven to have an eye for the 'outsider' and is sympathetic to non-conformists. People trying to be who they are, and discover themselves - uncompromisingly - and often mocking those stuck in a pattern and unwilling to change or expand their horizons. For Paradise, she also directs.

Diablo Cody makes her directorial debut with Paradise

The glacial pace of small places figure in both Juno and Young Adult, and in Paradise Cody returns to this theme. A small, devout town in Montana - and a young girl who, after nearly dying in an accident, wants the world to become slightly bigger. She takes a fat wad of insurance money and a bucket list to Las Vegas. She makes new friends and takes on "Sin City".

This movie has received poor reviews, is rated low on Rotten Tomatoes and sports a torpid 3.7 on IMDB. From what we have gathered, people are disappointed that the movie is overly "talky" and without peak-comedy (lol moments) scenes. It has also been a theme with the responses we've scanned that it fails to move beyond ridiculing evangilism, not substituting anything in a constructive way. Many share their feelings of a movie that "stands still" and "goes nowhere". 

Paradise has been rated PG-13.

IMDB's: Diablo Cody, Jason Reitman, Juno, Young Adult, Paradise

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