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Netflix premiere: November 11th 2013 - Blackfish (Cowperthwaite)

Magnolia Pictures are no strangers to impactful documentaries that spur debate and ruffle feathers, having previously picked up, among others, Jesus Camp (2006) and A Place at the Table (2012). Blackfish, directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite and produced by Manuel V. Oteyza, has already 'gone national' with CNN coverage and the recent news that Pixar is changing the ending of its coming Nemo sequel as a direct consequence of its revelations about whales in captivity.

 Blackfish makes its case on two fronts, asserting that the treatment of orca whales in captivity amounts to abuse and that it places trainers and staff at undue risk. Indeed, the documentary centers on the tragedy of Dawn Brancheau, killed in 2010 by orca whale Tilikum. Tilikum had earlier in his 'career' been involved in two other incidents resulting in the loss of human life.

Seaworld, the site of captivity for Tilikum, has responded the film is unduly biased and doesn't to its satisfaction communicate that Seaworld "rescues, rehabilitates and returns to the wild hundreds of wild animals every year".

This is a film that explores interesting questions pertaining to man's interaction with animals, and the issue of animal captivity.

Tilikum has a wiki, the director of the movie answered questions from the internet audience on reddit (an AMA - Ask Me Anything) and you can also read more about Pixar changing its Finding Dory ending.

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