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Netflix premiere: November 9th - Skyfall (Mendes)

Sam Mendes won an Oscar for his directing in 1999 for American Beauty, so you know he can direct, and he's also proven himself in the action genre with Road to Perdition and Jarhead. Daniel Craig can act, everyone who's seen Defiance knows that. Fans of the 007 franchise also appreciated the Mendes/Craig combo, fan approval was much higher for Skyfall than the preceeding Bond movie Quantum of Solace.

Fans saw Skyfall as a return to form for 007
 The movie starts with a car/motorcycle chase in bustling Istanbul and never really looks back. Between the wit of the writing, the charisma of Craig, the gadgets and effects and the production value of a premiere franchise, there's more than enough to keep you captivated even as the runtime exceeds the 120 minute mark. For action fans it's like one of the bazaars Bond traverses with steez in the opening salvo.

The plot centres on a former MI6 operative, Raoul Silva, and his attempt at revenge on his former employer. Specifically he has it out for M, played by Judy Dench. The plot is wide enough to allow the movie to give the audience what it wants, but not byzantine so as to confuse or derail from what the Bond experience is supposed to be about.

Sam Mendes is also under contract to helm the next two Bond movies.

You may finally just have gotten Adele's uber-catchy Skyfall out of your head, so here you go again. Bond has always been one for the cars, so BBC's Top Gear has reviewed this movie (not just the cars, but that's where they really provide some insight). If you want to watch an interview with Mendes on 007, here's a 35 minute discussion with Paul Greengrass (Bourne franchise). Also: an excellent Collider interview with Sam Mendes.

Imdb's: Sam Mendes, Daniel Craig, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, Judy Dench, Jarhead, Road to Perdition

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