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A Hijacking (Lindholm)

Netflix Premiere: November 14th - 2013
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Danish writer and director Tobias Lindholm cut his teeth as a writer for the political thriller TV series Borgen which started the new wave of high production value Nordic drama now culminating in US versions of both Broen (The Bridge) and Forbrydelsen (The Killing). Borgen got high marks in the Scandinavian press, enjoyed very good ratings and the writing was consistently mentioned as a force. Lindholm's movie debut, a violent prison drama called R, also turned a lot of heads on the festival circuit in 2010.

A hijacking is a fictional story of a ship hijacked by Somali pirates on open sea (Indian Ocean). It's fictional, but based on research into many similar situations. The name of the vessel in the movie MZ Rozen is the name of a ship that was indeed hijacked in real life, but the movie is not based on any one particular real life incident.

This is a portrait of people under extreme duress. I think we all think about at times how we would handle extreme situations, and the closeness to its characters and the drama they experience that this movie achieves is impressive. Johan Phillip Asbæk delivers a phenomenal performance as the cook of the crew, the psychological long-term strain and the intense fear of the moment...he does it all.

Johan Philip Pilou Asbæk delivers a magnificent performance in Tobias Linholm's A Highjacking

The crew becomes pawns in a chess game of negotiations between the pirates and the shipping company which owns MZ Rozen. They want to take a tough stance, but as the conflict draws out and they are forced to take in that it is ultimately people they are negotiating over and not the physical commodity of the ship itself, their emotions change. Both on land and at sea, the movie gives truly realistic characters and you understand and live with the decisions they have to make and the psychological terror the situation develops into. 

This is a very strong and interesting portrayal of human beings under extreme pressure. A very engaging and haunting movie.

IMDB's: A Hijacking, R, Tobias Lindholm, Borgen, Johan Phillip Asbæk   

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